USI + Zipline Team Up: New Pipeline Partnership Program

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Zipline's New Pipeline Partnership Program
Recognizes USI Certification, Provides Interview Opportunities

There's no question that UAS, also known as drones, are expanding and transforming industries ranging from agriculture to delivery services at an unprecedented pace. And as this tech grows, so does the demand for highly-skilled UAS operators and flight operations professionals. That's why we are super excited that USI and Zipline are working together as part of the new Pipeline Partnership Program.

The Pipeline Partnership Program is designed to provide a pathway for remote pilots to pursue a career in UAS flight operations at Zipline. Eligible candidates who get USI Certification and meet specific criteria will have the opportunity to interview for future or current UAS flight operations roles at Zipline.

If you're not familiar yet with Zipline, check out their recent keynote highlight reel here. Zipline is changing the game in the medical supply delivery sector. Their drones deliver critical medicines and blood products to remote areas that are tough to reach by traditional means. But it's not just about medical deliveries. Zipline's latest unveiling, showcases their new autonomous system, which delivers everyday items right to your doorstep!

The Pipeline Partnership Program will provide a direct route for those interested in pursuing careers in UAS flight operations by achieving USI Certifications and meeting the requirements of the program. With the rapidly growing demand for drone delivery and other UAS applications, job opportunities in this field are expected to continue to grow.

At USI, we are all about preparing our students for the jobs of the future. As the leading source for workforce development, remote pilot sourcing, UAS education and training, we couldn't be more excited to partner with Zipline. Together we will help meet the growing demand for skilled professionals in this field.


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