How Drones Have Changed The World

As drones become more and more advanced, they are becoming more useful in a variety of industries. From delivering food to teens in Virginia to helping protect elephants and rhinos in Africa, drones have and will continue to be used in a huge variety of settings.

Drones have already changed the way we look at the world and have been used in a variety of innovative ways. Many industries are benefiting from these unmanned aircrafts. If you think your business could use drones to improve what you do or you simply want to learn more about drone safety and become a certified drone pilot, Unmanned Safety Institute can help.

At Unmanned Safety Institute, we want to help more people learn about drones and get the right certifications to use them safely and respectfully. Our professional and dedicated team is always ready to help you improve your drone knowledge and skills. Be sure to check out our certifications and sign up to get started today!

In this blog, we are going to focus on how drones have changed the world. While some people may have negative feelings about drones, there are so many benefits and ways they can help improve a variety of industries. To learn more about the different and innovative ways drones have been used, read on!


Drone photography has become popular over the last few years and the images are impressive. From landscape to wedding photography, drones can capture a scene that is completely new and unique. This type of photography gives us a beautiful perspective that other photography styles simply can’t match.

Drone photography and videography can be used in commercial settings as well, helping to make advertisements, used in movies, and so many other applications. Even news stations have started to use them to cover different breaking news stories. You will likely be seeing a lot more images and videos taken from drones in all types of media.


Farmers have begun using drones to help them monitor the health of their fields. Farmers can invest in drones and check on their fields daily to ensure everything looks good. In years past, farmers used to hire a plane or helicopter to help them monitor their farms, but this is an extremely costly option. Drones have made it simpler and more accessible to see what is going on across their acres of land.

An article from Consumer Reports talks about a grain and apple farmer who has recently started using a drone to monitor on his fields. After he gets his commercial license, he plans to use the drone on his family’s 1,800-acre farm. When drones are used for agriculture, they can be equipped with an NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) camera, which can help farmers accurately estimate a yield of crop months earlier than it is harvested. The software can help to spot diseases plants, weeds, and other issues around the farm.

Emergency Response

Drones have also found a place with first responders. They have been used by policemen, SWAT teams, firemen, and other emergency responders. Drones can be used to conduct search-and-rescue operations, map the scene of an accident, help responders better understand a hostage situation, and offer the knowledge emergency responders need to better assess their stressful situations. An emergency response drone in Austria is equipped with thermal imaging which can help spot victims that may be hard to find with the naked eye.

As technology progresses, drones will likely be used more and more in emergency situations and by the first response teams. An article from CBInsights talks about how different companies have been working on designing drones that are intended for search and rescue. The Delft University of Technology is even testing an ambulance drone that can deliver a defibrillator on demand. These drone types may be able to increase survival rates drastically one day, especially as the technology continues to improve.

Disaster Relief

Drones have also become useful during natural disasters. UAVs have started being used to locate victims, assess damage, and deliver aid during natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes. They have even been used to help prevent disasters. Surveillance drones with thermal imaging cameras have been used to detect abnormal forest temperatures, which can help monitor and prevent forest fires. These drones help teams identify areas that are prone to forest fires or learn about the fires minutes after it has started. Recreational drones are strictly prohibited in active forest fire areas, but they have been proven useful when the right team puts them to use.

These are only a few of the many ways that drones have started to change the world and a variety of industries. Drones have become useful and extremely beneficial in many different applications. In our next blog, we will go over more ways that drones have changed the world. For now, get started on your UAV pilot certification, safety certification, and more! Unmanned Safety Institute can help you get all the training and knowledge you need to operate your drone in the best way possible. Contact us today to learn more.

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