Industries That Use Drones

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Drones have been around for some time now, but it’s getting to the point where they are being added as a crucial part of industries. With the advancements that this technology has provided, many industries have found that they can be used to improve the functionality or provide a better view.

If you are considering getting your drone license, then it’s good to know what types of industries you could potentially find a career in. Many of the industries that we’ll mention in today’s blog post have been around for decades, but the ways that they’re incorporating drones into their goals is pretty spectacular.


Real Estate

An industry that is booming has found countless ways to make the most of the views that a drone can provide. One of the primary ways that drones have been used in real estate is by taking aerial shots of the properties that are going to be listed. When you think about the images that people want to see of a property that they’re considering purchasing, it makes sense that this is one of the best ways to provide them with them.

More often than not, drones are used for the multimillion-dollar homes where the end expenses can end up covering the costs and images of the drone.


Media Channelsin-text-2

It should go without saying that significant media channels have found ways to use drones to benefit the stories that they’re trying to tell. From news channels to production companies, there are so many different ways that drones have been able to contribute to the industry.

When we talk about how drones are used in the news, think about some of the major news stories that happen and the imagery and views that are shown on the television. These shots were once only possible if a cameraman went down into the scene and put themselves in harm's way. Now, they can get those aerial shots without having to put themselves in the eye of the storm.

As for media production, there are so many opportunities to get a great shot and entirely shift the perspective of the film. Drones have been used in many movies, music videos, and other media productions to revolutionize the end result we all get to enjoy.



One of the industries that have made the most of drone usage is the agricultural industry, saving more than $1 billion a year! It’s a pretty hefty amount of money, but with the amount of acreage that farmers have to cover it makes sense that they’d take advantage of this technological advancement. Farmers are able to use these drones to spot areas that are diseased, stunted in growth and are struggling to yield crops, from miles away.

Ranchers are also able to maintain and watch over their cattle, regardless of the feedlot size, without having to physically walk the grounds of the area. Not only is this a huge time saver, but it definitely allows for ranchers to ensure the well being of their cattle.


Various Industries As Well

Though the three that we’ve listed above are some of the industries that have incorporated the use of a drone more profoundly, they certainly aren’t the only ones. From investors to delivery services, we’ve seen how much the drone market and user community has grown. As of now, we only anticipate this to continue improving and expanding over time.


Start with Unmanned Safety Institute, Inc.

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