Unmanned Safety Day Highlights Careers, Training

Port St. Joe, FL-- Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) and Gulf Coast State College will host the first Unmanned Safety Day on Friday, November 8 at the Gulf/Franklin Campus of Gulf Coast State College. Held in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Drone Safety Awareness Week, the free Unmanned Safety Day will focus on educating students and the community on topics of drone safety, professionalism, applications, and opportunities in the industry.

In addition to a drone workshop and networking, attendees will be able to practice flying drones on Zephyr simulators, enter to win drone safety-related prizes, and watch a flight demo hosted by Skyborne Technology.

“This is a collaborative opportunity to learn about drone careers in different industry clusters, provide hands-on demonstrations and simulator sessions and promote safe drone operations both commercially and recreationally,” said Josh Olds, president of Unmanned Safety Institute. “Unmanned Safety Day will serve as the grand-opening of an important new facility in the region for unmanned safety resources. In addition, it will serve as a valuable workshop on the importance of aviation-based safety in unmanned flight.”

The event is an integral part of Unmanned Safety Institute’s investment in the Gulf Coast community where it established headquarters at the Gulf Franklin Campus of Gulf Coast State College in Port St. Joe earlier this year, opening the USI Center of Excellence. The Center of Excellence is a hub of structured and data driven remote pilot education, training and safety certification designed to drive workforce development for the region and industry.

Attendees will have the chance to interact with local professionals that are currently using unmanned technology including Gulf Coast State College’s Unmanned Vehicle Systems Program Manager Tony Lopez-Baquero and Michael Lawson, CEO of Skyborne Technology, Inc.


Unmanned Safety Day is open to the public and those interested in attending can register, for free, at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/unmanned-safety-day-tickets-77573561611.




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