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Standardized, Well-Rounded, Risk-Averse Remote Pilots

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Well-rounded remote pilots who understand unmanned technology, regulations, safety best practices, and the payloads necessary for a business case are an organization's most efficient asset to create cost saving processes that maximize effective application of unmanned technology.  Over the past 5 years, Unmanned Safety Institute® (USI) has implemented these certifications into academia and commercial organizations with the goal of promoting aviation based safety standards and empowering industry cluster experts with the knowledge and skill-sets necessary to professionally grow the industry. 

With over 800 organizations and 10,000 educated learners, USI is committed to supporting industry scale with professional certifications that signify professionalism, risk aversion, and competence.

USI's industry certification exams require a proctor and can be taken locally or remotely. Coursework is not required to sit for certification exams. Register to sit for the exam by selecting the desired certification below and select "Register to Sit for Proctored Certification Exam".

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Success Stories

DJIInspire1"...I believe their (USI) training changed how I view UAS operations. USI’s emphasis on safety is what separates them from all other UAS providers and courses. The courses I participated in highlighted the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE), the importance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and checklists, and the correct methods of conducting site survey considerations prior to takeoff. Upon my first week with Trihydro, I revised all of the SOPs and checklists to emphasis the importance of safety. Without USI’s safety training I would not have had the knowledge or background to provide changes to these documents..."

- Dustin Peltola -


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