What is the benefit of a PRO® Certification?

The PRO Certification allows our top tier partner organizations to seek out individuals with experience that exceed regulatory minimums and provides a method for remote pilots to distinguish themselves in the industry. 

Does the PRO® Certification cost anything?

There is currently no fee to apply to become a PRO® and your first year of certification is complimentary. After your first year a monthly subscription fee of $7.99 or an annual fee of $90.00 will be required to maintain placement in our system and access to our partners and resources. 

Who can become a PRO®?

Elite individuals that hold a Remote Pilot Certification issued by the FAA and meets the high standards and requirements outlined in each level may apply to become a PRO®. Organizations interested in certifying a group of individuals may reach out to info@unmannedsafetyinstitute.org for special subscription pricing. 

What are the differences in PRO® levels?

Each PRO® level has the same basic requirements (Learn, Earn, Proficiency, Promote ) but the time and effort required increases with each level of PRO®. 

How can I receive a higher PRO® status?

Each year your PRO® rating is up for renewal. Our Professional Remote Operators are encourages to spend their year flying, learning, and experiencing more so that each year they meet the higher requirements of the next level of PRO®. 

How does USI use my information?

Once you sign our release form, USI will add your approved contact information to our mailing list so that you can receive correspondence like our monthly Safety Brief and employment announcements. We may also send your contact information to our partners that are looking to hire credentialed remote pilots if you meet their other requirements. Finally, USI will promote your certification level and approved contact information  in our Unmanned Connect™ database for industry visibility located on our website.

What type of education or training counts for the LEARN requirement?

Education or training must be conducted by an accredited educational institute or organization. Degree programs, systems training, and professional development courses may all be used to meet this requirement. You may submit official or unofficial transcripts as well as certifications that list contact hours. If you have questions about whether or not certain courses or training meets the LEARN requirement, email info@unmanedsafetyinstitute.org.

What if I don't have the education or training hours to qualify?

USI is offering free enrollment into the sUAS Safety Ground School to meet the requirements of PRO® Basic free of charge with prepaid annual subscription to be applied to your second year as a PRO®. Email info@unmannedsafetyinstitute.org to be enrolled in the course and receive an invoice for your second year's subscription. 

What can I expect after I apply?

USI will review your application and documentation and will reach out within a few days of submission to either request more information, approve your application, or deny your application.
Upon approval, you will be enrolled in the Professional Remote Operator course which will serve as a place for you to upload the documents that are needed to maintain PRO® status and from which compliance reminders will be issued when your first year is coming to an end. Once you create a profile for the course, your PRO® Certification will be issued. 

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