A Certification Program Designed for the Professional Remote Pilot and Organizational Standardization.

PRO Lineup

Unmanned Safety Institute’s Professional Remote Operator (USI PRO®) ratings go above & beyond the FAA regulatory minimums and are an industry leading credential for remote pilots entering a crowded field. With four rating levels to match the needs of the industry at specific levels of operational and aircraft complexity, a USI PRO® rating will only be awarded to remote pilots who meet USI’s high standards of practice.  USI PRO® applications and documentation are vetted and evaluated by the USI team for accuracy.

PRO Structure
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Why Should You Want to be a USI PRO®?

Remote pilots that hold a USI PRO® Certification aren't just professionals, they are the competitive elite. Substantial experience and education that goes above and beyond the industry's basic requirements and continuously improving qualifications are what sets a USI PRO®apart from thousands of other remote pilots in the field.

Benefits of being a USI PRO® include:

  • Industry Certification: The Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) is the industry’s most widely recognized leader in flight safety solutions and our certifications are recognized and endorsed throughout the unmanned industry. Holding an elite USI PRO®  certification demonstrates professionalism, a commitment to safety, and a desire to continuously gain more knowledge, skills and experience which will help remote pilots stand out as competitive and desirable in an increasingly crowded field. 

  • Professional Development: With four increasingly demanding levels of USI PRO®certification, remote pilots have the opportunity to challenge themselves to become better, more experienced professional pilots. 

  • Employment Opportunities: USI is partners with numerous organizations and employment agencies that are looking for professional and credentialed remote pilots all over the country. Remote pilots that hold a USI certifications are preferred and USI PRO® certified pilots are the first the be recommended. 

  • Digital Credentials: USI partnered with Credly to bring you shareable digital credentials to make it easier than ever to promote your skills and experience. Learn More