Engaging and Interesting
(Technology Based Curriculum)

Relevant education and simulation based training to prepare students for careers integrating technology into fields that interest them. From agriculture to construction, aviation to arts/media, unmanned technology is proving its Return on Investment. This program is designed to provide your student options upon graduation to attend college or enter the workforce.


Every Program's Needs are Unique as is Every Career Cluster.
USI has a Proven Track Record for Empowering and Enabling Programs
Across the Country in Each Career Cluster.

USI_AUnmanned Safety Institute (USI) offers integrated collegiate and career-ready programs which build pathways between middle school, high school, home school, career centers, community and technical colleges, and four-year universities.  Delivery of content occurs with educational institute's instructors or delivered via USI's online instructors. USI programs prepare students for industry certification independently evaluated through third party testing. Our curriculum has been reviewed and accepted for ACE Credit as well.  View our Academia page to learn more about collegiate pathways. 


Curriculum Contact Hours

400+ Curriculum Hours
Remote Pilot Ready
Utilized in Industry
Learning Management System
Digital Textbooks and Workbooks
ACE Credit


Certified Instructor Resources

Recommended Schedules
Instructor Guides
Instructor Resources Group
Grading Rubrics and Alignments


Student Career & Course Resources

Online & Offline Learning
Workbook, Slide Narration & Notes
Flight Based Exercises
Digital Logbook Access for Future Employer
Drone Based Simulation


Course & Certification Assessment

Digital Quizzes and In-Course Testing
Automated and Rubric Based Grading 
Third Party Assessment for Certification
Proctor Given Certification Testing


Course Features & Modality

Multiple Delivery Modalities
(Online, Hybrid, In-Class)

Completely Customizable Course
Daily Refreshed Industry News Feed


Program Support & Success

Online & Offline Learning
Workbook, Slide Narration & Notes
Flight Based Exercises for Engagement
Digital Logbook Access for Future Employer 
Drone Based Simulation

USI is committed to providing the absolute best instructor support possible to develop a workforce that holds up to USI's brand standard.  USI's programs are rigorous, but they have been developed with the student's potential and their contribution to the industry in mind.

Josh Olds President & CEO

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